Thursday, February 14, 2013


The next time a text message arrived in Grant’s phone from Allie’s number, Grant vowed to ignore it.

He managed to do it for close to an hour.

And then he couldn’t bear it any longer.

He grabbed the BlackBerry and read the display.

It’s a girl.

For a moment, the words didn’t register with Grant.  Everyone had been so sure the baby would be a boy.  Everyone had been calling it him, and Iris even referred to her great-grandson.  Grant had simply assumed they knew what they were talking about and the baby was going to be a boy.  Spencer Grant Harrison.  Iris said Sarah had already picked out a name.

He’d braced himself for a boy.

It’s a girl.

Grant had a daughter.  How the hell was he supposed to react to that?


Grant gets a piece of news that changes everything, Russ makes himself clear to Iris, Kirkland slips a critical piece of information to Marley, Kevin backs Steven into a corner, Frankie begs Zeno to help Charlie, and Rachel finally explodes at Jamie.

You get to make a match on today's episode of AWT:

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