Thursday, February 07, 2013


“Yes?” Rachel inquired politely upon finding Iris on her doorstep, raising an eyebrow in surprise at the sight of Russ bringing up the rear.

For his part, Russ seemed just as stunned to find himself there as she did.  And a lot more embarrassed.

Strolling in without actually being invited, Iris informed her stepmother, “Whomever you employed to pack up my things after you so brazenly kicked me to the curb did a dreadful job.  I should have expected as much.  Staff is always the reflection of their mistress.”

“Send me a bill,” Rachel suggested.  “I’ll reimburse you.”

“I realize this may be difficult for you to comprehend, Rachel, but not every offense can be fixed with money.  Some of the items you neglected to forward to me were of great sentimental value.  I should like to go up and search for them myself.”

“Knock yourself out,” Rachel indicated that Iris knew where the stairs were.  But, first, she signaled for a maid to accompany Ms. Wheeler and keep an eye on her.  “I wouldn’t want you getting lost and accidentally wandering into the wrong room,” Rachel explained innocently.

“You are, as always, most kind.”  Iris turned to Russ, standing on the tips of her toes and kissing him before cooing, “I shan’t be a moment, darling.  Wait for me?”


Iris makes her point to Rachel crystal-clear, Frankie lays out a theory to Cass, Kevin stuns Amanda, Lila confronts Donna, Grant faces a decision, and Olivia propositions Matt.

Is there a new couple in the making?  You decide at:

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