Thursday, February 28, 2013


Chase said, “Hutchins’ case was the first I ever tried in the Bay City’s DA’s office.  First one I ever lost, too.  I blamed myself.  I was too young, too green, too naïve.  I actually thought facts and evidence mattered.  I didn’t think Carl’s string-pulling could extend into a court of law.  Boy, did I learn better.”

“We all do with a man like Carl, sooner or later.”

“I told myself I’d do better next time.  I was certain there would be a next time.”

“And you weren’t wrong,” Jamie agreed.

“You should have seen how I prepared my next case against him.  I was obsessed.  I was sure I’d crossed every T, dotted every I and foreseen every eventuality.  I still lost.  He still went free.  Time after time after time, I had the chance to put away a man who’d ruined literally thousands of lives.  And time after time after time, he wriggled away.  Which meant that every subsequent crime he committed was partially my fault.  Even now.  I had him.  I had him, Jamie, dead to rights.  He broke the law.  He admitted it.  And, yet again, he managed to escape justice.”

“So this is a vendetta?”


“And you want me to help you?"


Jamie gives Chase an answer about pressing charges against Carl and later makes a surprising connection, Iris offers Sarah an - unsolicited - opinion about child-raising, Cass goes against Frankie, and Marley makes a surprising confession to Dennis.

Is everyone moving on in today's episode of AWT:

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