Thursday, February 21, 2013


Frankie tried to keep her voice from shaking as she asked, “So what is it that you need to tell us about our daughter?”

John did not look pleased to be the one delivering the bad news, but he maintained his professionalism as he reported, “Based on the tests we’ve run and our observations, plus talking to you and to Kirkland and Allie about Charlie’s recent behavior, her medical team feels that there is sufficient evidence to diagnose Charlie with – “

“Manic depression,” Cass interrupted, his voice dull.  “Bipolar Disorder.”

“Yes,” John exhaled sadly.

“No,” Frankie said.

“Yes,” Cass stressed emphatically.  “It makes sense.  The average person has about a two percent chance of developing Bipolar Disorder.  But, if one parent has it, what does that raise the numbers to, John?”

“About twenty-five percent,” he admitted.

“But that also means Charlie has a seventy-five percent chance of not having it!” Frankie insisted.  “Goodness, I’d play those odds any day.”

“We did,” Cass informed her.  “And we lost.”


Cass and Frankie draw conflicting conclusions about their daughter's future while Marley and Grant do the same regarding his brand new daughter.  Amanda makes a snap judgement, Olivia makes a move, Steven makes a choice, and Chase makes up his mind.

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