Thursday, February 14, 2013


Originally published on 2/15/12 - and still true!

Prior to marrying my husband, I published four romance novels. Since marrying my husband–thirteen years ago–I have published figure skating murder mysteries, non-fiction, and women’s fiction. But, no more romances.
My husband’s theory is that, since meeting him, no fantasy hero conjured from my imagination could live up to the comparison. (My husband has a very high–though, self-aware–opinion of himself. While we were touring potential kindergartens for our daughter, he said of one principal we met, “I like her! She’s even more arrogant than me!”)

He’s right. But, not in the way he thinks.

He’s right that, since meeting him, I’ve had a much harder time coming up with fictional, romantic heroes.

Because, since meeting him, my opinion of what makes a romantic hero has completely changed.

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And for those wondering how my husband got so awesome, the answer is - soap operas, of course! He reports that he learned everything he knows about how to treat a woman from All My Children's Tad Martin! (Details, here.)

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