Monday, February 25, 2013


“Come in.”  Jamie stepped aside to let him pass.  “What’s this about?”

“Your wife,” Chase said.

“Have you found anything?” The hope in Jamie’s voice was physically painful for Chase to hear.

Especially when he had to tell him, “No.  Nothing new.”

“Oh.” Jamie swallowed hard, attempting to collect himself from the seemingly non-stop crushing disappointments.

“But, I did have an idea about something that could be done to facilitate the search.”


“It would require your cooperation.”

“Anything, just name it.  I’ll do anything.”

Chase hesitated, then he said, “I would like you to file kidnapping charges against Carl Hutchins.”


Chase forces Jamie to make a near impossible choice, while Cass and Frankie disagree regarding their choices for Charlie.  Marley and Grant inform Sarah her choice has already been made, Kevin's choice forces Amanda to make an uncomfortable one of her own, Iris expects Rachel to disagree with Russ' and Donna insists Jasmine should be allowed to make her own.

A choice time is had by all at:

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