Monday, July 30, 2012


“Thank you for filling us in,” Grant clamped a hand on Kirkland's shoulder.  “We appreciate it.”

“Yeah.  No problem.  I figured you’d want to know.  I mean, you and Lorna… and Marley and Dad….”

Grant smiled weakly, indicating he was familiar with the vaguely perverse twists and turns of Kirkland’s family tree.  “You know, son, if it ever gets too much for you, at Jamie’s place.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or… overlooked, you know you can always crash here.  Your room is – “

“For God’s sake, Grant,” Marley sounded even more pissed off than before.  “Would you give it a rest?  Do you really think now is a good time to try and steal Jamie’s son from him?  Again?  You don’t think Jamie deserves a break?  Under the circumstances?”

“I’m sorry,” Grant hissed.  “I’m sorry that my first priority is my son and his well-being.  Which quite obviously isn’t the case with you.”


Rachel and Jamie attempt to heal their fractured relationships, even as cracks continue to show in Grant and Marley's.  Frankie and Cass prepare to dive back into their former lives, Matt gets another shock he doesn't need, Allie expresses unexpected sympathy, and Lila swears she'll do anything to make matters up to Rachel.

What Rachel asks her to do, however, is up to you.  Make your voice heard at:

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