Monday, July 02, 2012


“Father will never get a fair trial in Bay City!" Elizabeth insisted.  "The law are the ones who forced him to do what he did in the first place. They knew he’d have no choice, they coerced him into it, so they could arrest him again.”

“Okay,” Cory spoke slowly. “So, if I go to Father and ask him for money, and he says I can’t have it, but he leaves the precise amount I need in his wallet, and I then go and take it anyway, it’s his fault, not mine because he created a circumstance where I had no choice but to take what I wanted illegally, because he refused to give it to me honestly?”

“Your argument is specious,” Carl sniffed. “A case of reductio ad absurdum if I have ever heard it.”

“He’s also right,” Rachel said, as Carl, Elizabeth, and even Cory stared at her in shock. “Cory is right, Carl. I won’t sugarcoat this for them. Not something this important, no. I want them to understand. Yes, your father committed a crime. Yes, he deserves to go to jail. Yes, he is running away to avoid punishment. And yes, I approve wholeheartedly.”

“If you approve,” Elizabeth spat, near tears. “Then why aren’t you going with him?”

“Because I do not want the two of you growing up thinking that what he’s doing, is right.”

It was the first time Rachel had ever expressed herself in such a manner, and Carl’s expression of shock quickly morphed into horror. “Rachel!” he cried as if stabbed.


Carl is shocked by Rachel's final revelation, Charlie turns to Frankie for advice, Sarah continues to stun Grant, GQ and Kevin take their gloves off, and Donna makes a tearful confession to Matt.

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