Thursday, July 26, 2012


“Cory knew that Elizabeth was lying, but he didn’t say anything," Michele reminded.

“Actually,” Marley corrected.  “Cory went to Steven, who found the proof that Elizabeth had made her story up.”

“But, what if Steven didn’t find it?  Or what if the police hadn’t believed it?  Elizabeth would have gotten away with everything.  She’d have told her lie, and everybody would think it was true.  Forever.  Like, a hundred years later, it would still be a fact.  And by then, there’d be no way to tell what really happened.”

Enough was enough, as far as Marley was concerned.  “Most charges of rape, Michele, are not lies.  Some are, of course, but, overall, it’s much more likely that a woman won’t be believed, than that the man is innocent.”

“But, it can happen, can’t it?”

“Yes.”  Grant took the hypothetical a step further, grounding it in reality.  “But, that was not the case with your Aunt Marley and your father.”


Carl's actions continue to resonate throughout Bay City, as Marley and Grant break the news to Michele and Bridget, Lila fills in Jasmine, Matt presses Donna, Charlie resists Cass and Frankie, Felicia makes a life-changing offer, and Rachel reaches out to Jamie with a stunning request.

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