Thursday, July 12, 2012


“I hope you’re pleased with yourself, Mr. Hamilton," Rachel snapped.

“I usually am, as a rule.”

“You’re a disgrace.”

“Feel free to make your displeasure clear at the polls come Election Day,” he smiled pleasantly and continued to do so for the next ten minutes, whereupon the uniformed men returned and confirmed that Carl Hutchins did not, in fact, appear to be on the premises.

“Very sloppy work, Mr. Hamilton,” Rachel couldn’t help gloating. “Not that I expected any different from you. If you’d bothered to do an iota of research before running off half-cocked, you’d have learned that my husband hasn’t lived in this house for months.”

“I am well aware of that, Mrs. Hutchins. We searched his apartment first. It, too, came up empty.”

“What do you mean?” Rachel startled.

Now it was Chase’s turn to be confused. “I mean, we searched it thoroughly, and there was no one there.”

“Except for my children,” Rachel prompted.

“No…” Chase shook his head.


Rachel is hit with a back to back pair of devastating blows, while Jamie receives his own horrible news.  Matt attempts to woo Donna out of her hardline stance, Grant struggles to explain love to his son - and himself, GQ makes a confession to Jen, Jeanne encounters a fresh obstacle, and YOU hold the power of life and death in Bay City at:

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