Thursday, July 05, 2012


“Damn it, Carl," Rachel said.  "Is this really how you want us to spend our last few moments together? Fighting?”

“You could still change your mind,” he pleaded, pride be damned. “Come with me. By tomorrow morning, you, Elizabeth, Cory and I could be starting a new life together.”

“I don’t want a new life,” Rachel did her best not to dissolve into tears. “I want things to stay the way they were.”

“And you blame me for that becoming an impossibility.”

“Why?” Rachel finally broke down, asking Carl the one question she’d resolved never to ask. “Why did you have to do this? Why did you put me in this position? Why couldn’t you have left well enough alone?”

“Because,” the agony in his eyes was exactly what Rachel had been hoping to avoid. “Well enough, was never that, not for me. You must have sensed it. Why else did you not once, through all these years, question me regarding precisely what sort of business I remained in?”


With nothing left to lose, Carl takes desperate - and shocking - action. Frankie offers a helping hand to Grant while Marley has a warning for Cass, Jamie sees himself in GQ, Rachel turns to Mac, and Lorna finds herself in an all-too familiar situation.

It's an explosive 4th of July in Bay City at:

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