Monday, July 09, 2012


“Leave me alone,” Lorna’s fingers tightened around the stroller’s handles. “Leave us alone. Aren’t the cops after you? Shouldn’t you be getting the hell out of Dodge?”

“Momentarily,” he promised, taking a step towards her. “Come along, Lorna. It’s time to take our leave. The plane is waiting. Enough stalling. As you yourself observed, my time is precious.”

Lorna instinctively veered back, shoving the stroller towards the edge of the falls. “Get any closer, and I’ll throw all three of us over.”

“Don’t be absurd,” Carl scoffed. Though he did pause in his tracks. “Not for an instant do I believe that you would risk your precious children’s lives – “

“To keep them out of your clutches? You bet I will.”

At that, Carl actually looked genuinely hurt. “Surely, I wasn’t that bad of a….”

“Don’t take another step,” she warned, lifting her leg over the knee-high safety barrier.

“Have it your way,” Carl stood rooted obediently to the spot. But, with an imperceptible gesture, the guns of both his goons were now pointed directly at the stroller.


Lorna desperately struggles to talk Carl down, Rachel attempts to explain herself to Alice, Frankie proposes a solution to what ails Dean, and Jen insists on looking at the bright side.

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