Monday, July 23, 2012


Felicia allowed herself a moment to absorb Jamie’s words.  And then she turned on Rachel with a vengeance, reminding, “You promised you’d keep him from hurting her!”

“You talked to Mom about Carl and Lorna?” Jamie asked in surprise.

Felicia nodded.  “After Carl threatened Lorna, I had to.”

“You only have Lorna’s word for that!” Rachel interrupted. 

“Lorna told you Carl had threatened her?” Jamie couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yes.  She was terrified.  I – I’m not used to seeing Lorna terrified.  She told me he came to the house, he accused Lorna of using you to break up him and Rachel.”

“Did you know that, Jamie?” Rachel challenged.  “Did Lorna fill you in about that?”

“No,” he admitted.

Which was all the leeway Rachel needed.  “Another lie, then.  What did I tell you, Jamie?  She lied to you, again.”


Felicia hears from both Rachel and Jamie regarding Lorna's fate, and gets a shock from Lucas.  Sarah offers a suggestion for Grant's frazzled state of mind, Cass explains himself to Frankie, and Lila comes to a horrifying realization.

News travels fast in Bay City - and bad news even faster:

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