Monday, July 16, 2012


Chase reached for the phone, which she passed him without a struggle, almost as if Rachel believed handing it over might negate the message it’d brought, as well.

“This is Mayor Hamilton,” Chase barked. “Who is this?”

“Bay City Air Traffic Control,” came the response.

“What’s this about?”

“We – We regret to inform Mrs. Hutchins that her husband’s plane appears to have gone down over the Atlantic Ocean.”

Chase looked at Rachel in horror, she stared back at him, pleading with Chase to somehow make it untrue.

He grasped at the one straw he could think of. “Mr. Hutchins’ plane? Do you have any evidence that Mr. Hutchins’ was actually on it?”

Rachel’s eyes lit up gratefully at the possibility.


Rachel struggles to get to the bottom of Carl, Cory and Elizabeth's disappearance, while Jamie does the same with Lorna's.  Matt tries a new approach with Donna, as does Steven with Jen.  And you know how on soaps sometimes it takes characters forever to make an obvious connection?  You get to help the process along.

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