Friday, March 09, 2012


I'm a writer.

Which means I need readers.

I am infinitely grateful to those who have followed my career since the early 1990s, buying my books whether they be romance, mystery, non-fiction, or soap opera tie-in.

But, I'll admit it - I'm greedy. I want more readers. Not just for my own books, but for books in general (those statistics about how few American adults read a single novel in their lifetime is a bit disheartening).

To that end, like any good pusher, I'm looking to get my potential audience hooked early. Like, in middle school.

In addition to being a writer, I am also an enhanced e-book producer. What's an enhanced e-book? It's a book... and more.

One of my recent titles is The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Multimedia Edition by Dan Elish. Not only does this version include all the text of the original, 1988 print release, but it also features original, musical theater songs written to compliment the story!

Check out what Broadway World had to say about it, here.

So many elementary schools these days are buying Kindles and iPads in an attempt to get kids to read more. But, there are very few books designed for specifically those machines. The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition was created for the express purpose of getting kids excited about reading. The songs even feature lyrics on the page, so kids can follow along!

This Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March 10, we are giving away copies of The Worldwide Dessert Contest for free. Click here to get yours. And please pass the information on to your local school and library. Our goal is to get this book into the hands of as many future reading addicts as possible!

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