Monday, March 26, 2012


“I won’t let you get away with this," Dean warned Donna.

“Oh, please, darling. In matters of blackmail, one can hardly refer complaints regarding a breech of contract to the Better Business Bureau.”

“I’ll reinstate the suit,” Dean grasped at straws.

“On the basis of what, precisely?”

“I’ll tell the judge you blackmailed me.”

“I’ll deny it,” Donna shrugged. “And, trust me, your reputation isn’t nearly as stellar as it was only a few days ago. Reinstating the suit against me will come off as nothing more than trying to distract attention from your own moral shortcomings.”

“Do you think Jenna – Do you think your daughter would approve of what you’ve done?”

“I’m rather certain she wouldn’t. The same way I’m equally certain my other daughter, Marley, won’t. Victoria… Victoria might frown and stomp her foot for a spell. But, I like to think she, at least, would have understood.”


Dean confronts Donna - and points out the one flaw in her plan, Lorna's efforts on Matt's behalf lead her to a problem closer to home, Carl goes to the source for inside information on Chase, Jen turns to Allie for information she can't get anywhere else, and Marley puts Grant in the path of temptation.

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