Friday, March 16, 2012


Coming in Spring 2012! Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga (where you, the reader, guides me in where you want the story to go next!)

Read all about how it was inspired by my work on Another World Today, here.

Then get a sneak peek of Part #1, Part #2, and Part #3, below!

She had to smile, in spite of herself. "Mr. Cooper – "


"Robin. I – I'm Victoria Morgan."

"Is that a fact?" She watched him flip through what she could only presume was the little black book in his head, trying to match name to face and recall just how well acquainted they were supposed to be. It wasn't difficult to spot the exact instant when he made the connection. Robin's eyes darkened, abandoning both green and brown in favor of a murky, angry hazel. His flirtatious, lopsided smile coiled into an accusatory sneer. "You're with the Elizabeth Fund. What the hell do you want?"

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