Monday, March 19, 2012


“What the hell do you want?” Elizabeth demanded as her and Cory’s visit with Rachel was interrupted by Amanda appearing in the doorway of the library.

“I’m here to see Mom,” Amanda informed her little sister.

“I thought you threatened never to darken our doorstep again. Or are you just here to gloat about driving Father from his own home?”

“This is actually my father’s home,” Amanda corrected through clenched teeth, a fact they were all perfectly well aware of.

“And I am both of yours mother,” Rachel added in a tone that strongly suggested they’d best drop the sniping and behave, ASAP.

“Do you have a minute?” Amanda asked Rachel.

“She’s busy,” Elizabeth indicated the three of them, deliberately excluding Amanda.

“She said a minute,” Cory groaned at his twin. “I think we can spare Mom for a minute.”

“You know Amanda, Cory. Give her an inch, she takes a mile. And asks for an acre in a doggie bag.”


Rachel is besieged with conflicting requests from her children, Charlie and Kirkland continue to spinning their respective versions of the truth, leading to an explosion from Cass. Jen seeks advice based on Alice's relationship with Steve, and Jeanne receives shocking, unwelcome news.

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