Monday, March 05, 2012


I talk e-books with "The Wall Street Journal's" Smart Money Column!

And more traditional authors often find that their publisher isn't interested in producing e-books, or promoting them, says Adams. (She would know: Adams gained the right to self-published e-book versions of her Figure Skating Mystery series, after her publisher declined to do so.)"Unless you're Stephen King or another major author, you're doing all your own marketing," she says.

For readers that means many good books go undiscovered. Still, readers of all kinds can benefit from the wide array of e-books if they know where to look. Getting a publishing deal is increasingly tough, and platforms such as Amazon and Smashwords appeal to authors, Amerland says. "Publishers used to be the gatekeepers of quality, but e-books have shown that many publisher-rejected books actually do quite well," Amerland says. Publishers are also quietly making older, out-of-print titles available, says Adams -- who recently found a $9 e-book version of a hard-to-find romance novel whose print copies cost 10 times as much. "Now you can get your hands on all these wonderful classic books" for less money, she says. Readers just need to expand their search to look for those digital copies.

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