Monday, March 12, 2012


Cass glanced down at the confirmed guest list to note, “You invited Lucas.”

“He loves a good party.” Felicia shrugged blithely.

“I thought you were done clinging to the past?”

“I’m done trying to force things,” Felicia corrected. “I’m done begging for it. But, should events simply happen, I wouldn’t be averse to exploring where they lead.”

“You want Lucas back?” Frankie guessed.

“I’m not dead yet, am I? I deserve to enjoy my life. Whether that’s with Lucas or a player yet to be named, I’m done hiding behind my grief. I am open to any and all possibilities.”

“That’s great,” Cass repeated.

“Once more,” Felicia prompted dryly. “With feeling. Try to sound like you actually mean it.”


Cass questions Felicia's alleged new outlook on life while Lucas does the same with Alice, Chase questions Amanda's motives, Grant struggles to keep Marley from questioning his devotion, and Jamie's questions at long last get the truth out of Kirkland.

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Annette said...

Loving my girl Felicia trying to get back on track. And LOVE that Cass & Felicia photo!