Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yesterday evening, under the auspices of @Robansuefarm and @Guiding_Light, GL fans got together to watch an episode off the Guiding Light Classics DVD featuring Roger Thorpe's (Michael Zaslow) demise, and share their thoughts about it over Twitter in real-time.

Though it was too late for me to join in (10 PM Eastern is past my bedtime - I've got kids to wake up for school starting at 6:45 AM), I did contribute by sending a link to this article I wrote in 2009 about the wedding of Michael Zaslow's daughter, Marika.

The article made me wonder how Marika, who lost her father, sister, and mother in tragically quick succession, was doing today. Which in turn lead me to this piece, announcing the birth of Marika's daughter, Lucy, in 2010. With photo!

To buy the GL Classics DVD featuring Roger's death and more, click on the link below and join in the Twitter party watching fun!

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