Thursday, March 29, 2012


Rachel led Jamie into the library, telling him, “It upsets me to find out just how badly I misjudged Jeanne. I really thought she loved Matt.”

“I suppose there’s still a possibility that things aren’t what they seem.”

Rachel raised an eyebrow.

“A small possibility,” Jamie doubled-down. “The good news is, Lorna managed to get the pictures removed off the web.”

“I saw that. I didn’t realize it was Lorna’s doing. Impressive.”

“My wife is a very impressive woman.”

Rachel briefly caressed her son’s face with her fingers. “You have no idea how delighted it makes me, seeing you so happy after all this time.”

Jamie reached up to take his mother’s hand, lowering it to Rachel’s side and squeezing it gently. “And you have no idea how much it kills me to see you unhappy.”

“I do. I know it. Just like I know there has got to be a way we can resolve the stand-off with Carl so that all of us – “

He cut her off. “This isn’t about Carl.”


Jamie brings Rachel more bad news, Sarah reminds Grant of what he's missing, Jeanne shocks Matt, Amanda holds Kevin back, Chase encourages Lila, and Zeno provokes a guilty confession from Charlie.

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