Thursday, March 24, 2011


An addendum to the Dead Babies post of earlier....

When One Life to Live's Viki went to Heaven (this most recent time), she was given a tour by the spirit of her (rapidly aged) stillborn granddaughter, Megan.

Another World's Frankie met her miscarried son past the Pearly Gates.

And when General Hospital's Sonny briefly stopped by (though, seriously, who thinks Sonny could ever end up there for the long term?) he was greeted by not only his dead wife Lily, but the unborn baby who was blown up (Click/Boom) alongside with her and the fetus he lost with Carly. (Apparently Lily's heavenly missive is to be Sonny's babysitter.)

But, all the above begs the question:

Where's GH Lulu and Dillon's baby? Guiding Light's Daisy and Rafe's? Y&R's Ashley and Victor's?

If soap opera miscarried and stillborn babies go to heaven - where do the aborted babies go?

(And please do not point me to All My Children's Josh... That... No... Bad. Very, very bad.)

How come characters never bump into them while wandering around the spiritual realm?

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