Thursday, March 03, 2011


"Your intention then," Kevin tread carefully, inwardly cringing at what he was about to say, all the while knowing that unless he went along with Rick's wishes, he faced a good chance of being disbarred for his role in Allie's fraud. "Is to raise Hudson as Black?"

"I intend to raise him as a boy, too," GQ said. "Cause that's what he is."

"So his mother's racial heritage is irrelevant?"

"I didn't write the one-drop rule. That would've been the Racial Integrity Act of 1924."

"That law was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1967. Loving v. Virginia."

"Guess the press release got delayed. Ask anybody in America what makes a person Black or white. Heck, ask Halle Berry."

Kevin smiled, "While I, as much as any red-blooded male, would love the authority to compel Ms. Berry into making herself available to me on demand, I don't believe crucial judicial policy should rest exclusively on the outdated misconceptions of Catwoman."

"She was also Storm in X-Men," GQ reminded.

"Even worse."

Mel mused, "Is Mr. Fowler done compensating for his lack of victory in an Oscar pool?"

"Just a few more questions," Kevin assured.

"As long as you refrain from invoking The Last Boy Scout," the judge warned.


Kevin cross-examines GQ, Felicia tries to keep Lucas from spilling the beans to Lorna - by any means necessary, Jamie turns to Ada for inspiration, and Cory demonstrates what you can pick up when you keep quiet and listen.

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