Thursday, March 10, 2011


"It's not supposed to work this way," Felicia lamented. "We aren't supposed to outlive our children. Parents and husbands and lovers and friends, yes. But, not our children."

Sharlene nodded slowly. "I would have traded them all for Gregory. I'd have done anything. Sacrificed anything."

"I think I did," Felicia confessed.

Sharlene cocked her head, curious, waiting for an explanation.

Felicia smiled joylessly. "The entire time Lorna was sick, I vowed that I would sacrifice anything, my own life, if it came to that, to make her well again. I made the universe an offer, and, what do you know, it took me up on it. Lorna is awake. She's going to make a full recovery. And all it cost me was Rachel. Cass. Lucas. And, if she ever finds out, most likely Lorna, too."

"No," Sharlene said harshly. She pointed to Jenna's grave. "You've lost Jenna. I've lost Gregory. Anyone else, as long as they're alive, they're not lost. Not for good. As long as they're alive, there is always the chance to make things right again."

"I hurt so many people. I knew I was doing it, too. I can't claim ignorance. I can't even claim I didn't mean to. There were times, as I was doing it, I knew I was causing pain. And I didn't care."


Sharlene offers Felicia the benefit of her own experience, Donna stuns Matt while Marley does the same to Grant, Lorna pushes her limits with Jamie, and expert testimony at Hudson's custody trial threatens to derail several relationships at once.

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