Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Is Spencer home?"

"No. Just me and the servants." Seeing that Rachel wasn't about to get to the point any time soon, Alice made idle conversation while she waited. "I must admit, that's taken some getting used to. Always having people around. I remember when I was engaged to Mac, feeling distinctively uncomfortable on the Cory grounds. Then again, perhaps it wasn't a matter of the servants at all. Merely a case of the entire situation being wrong."

Rachel let the digression pass without comment. Though, if pressed, she felt certain she could have come up with a few.

Instead, she continued to stall by looking around and observing, "You left everything the way it was. I'd have assumed you'd want to redecorate, add your own touch."

"I've been too busy, I'm afraid. Besides, it's not really an area of interest for me. I married the man, not the house."

Rachel wondered if Alice were making a tacit reference to the home Steve once bought for his new bride. One that Rachel ended up evicting Alice out of so she could live there with Jamie while Steve was in prison.

Less than eager to find out, Rachel got to the point. "I haven't been honest with you."

"Oh? Which time?"

Another swipe, another disregard. Briefly, Rachel considered that if Alice had exhibited this much spirit forty odd years ago, everyone's life would certainly have turned out very differently. Maybe Steve would still be here with all of them. Then again, maybe Rachel wouldn't have ever had Jamie. In any case, it was a moot — if intriguing — point.

"I've allowed Lila to take the blame for making the call that got you arrested."

"Yes," Alice said. "That never did add up right."

"That's because Lila didn't make it. She only confessed to protect... me."


Rachel tells all to Alice - and receives an unexpected reaction, Frankie and Kirkland talk at cross-purposes, Steven helps Jen analyze her relationship with GQ; Carl, Spencer and Lucas finalize their plans for Donna, while Grant reveals Marley's role in triggering the debacle.

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