Thursday, March 31, 2011


Donna explained to Marley patiently, "I told John, after I left the hospital, that I was going to focus less on thinking about myself, and more about what I can do for others."

"Spare me. No, really, Donna, that wasn't just a colorful idiom. Please spare me your concern. And your grandstanding."

She went on as if Marley hadn't spoken. Typical. Even when talking to her and allegedly about her, Marley's mother still somehow managed to turn it into a monologue. "I realized then, that the person most important to me in the world — you, Marley — I was letting you down."

"Why stop now? We've been on such a roll for forty years."

"And the reason I was doing it is precisely the reason I vowed to avoid. I'm doing it because I'm afraid."

"Of me?" Marley taunted. "That is a switch."

"I want to help you, Marley. But, I've been holding back due to fear. Fear of losing you completely. Talking to John helped me see how cowardly I was acting. If I truly intend to live up to my pledge, I need to do whatever it takes. Whatever it costs me."

"I can hear Bridget and Michele on the stairs," Marley lied. "Would you please just get to your point already?"

"I know that you were driving the car that hit Lorna and Morgan," Donna said simply.


Donna resolves to protect Marley from herself - by any means necessary, Sarah questions Allie's feelings for GQ, Amanda and Matt compare notes on their latest relationships, and Rachel makes a confession.

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