Monday, March 28, 2011


"So what do we do now?" Cass wondered.

"I don't know. It does explain why Grant was willing to sacrifice Lila. He does care about her. But, Kirkland trumps everything. I say we tell Lila what we dug up, and let her take it from here."

"Passing the buck, Mary Frances? That's not like you."

"We were hired to find out who hit Lorna and Morgan. The rest isn't up to us."

"It could be," Cass said.

"What do you mean?"

"Do we really want to do this? Ruin a teen-ager's life?"

"He almost took a life, Cass. You know how close Lorna came to dying. And the baby... quite frankly, who knows what might still happen to the baby?"

"Would Kirkland going to jail help any of that?"

"Now you sound like him. Kirk insisted that because Lorna was fine, his taking the blame wouldn't do anybody any good."

Cass covered his face with both hands, taking a deep breath before he reminded Frankie, "I took a life. Yes, it was by accident. But, it was certainly entered into with a great deal more malice than Kirkland's monetary lapse in judgment."


Frankie and Cass disagree on tactics, Jamie rebuffs Marley while Sarah turns to Lorna for advice, and Hudson's custody case comes down to the wire.

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