Friday, March 25, 2011

By Alina Adams

Intellectually, I understand that Tina Fey does not mean for 30 Rock to be a tear-jerker. (She keeps winning all those Emmys for Comedy... that just encourages her.)

But, for the last year or so, I've been sobbing through the show.

It all started when Jack gave his speech about how: "Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed of being head of GE/NBC. How am I supposed to do that when it won't be there anymore?"

(This would be roughly around the time when Guiding Light went off the air, with As The World Turns soon to follow. Draw your own conclusions.)

Then there was the moment when Jack stood on the street, watching the GE logo fade out for the last time.

And then, on last night's episode (following lines like, "How can you not have a Plan B? We've known the show was going down for two years now!" and Kenneth insisting that he, single-handedly, would think of a way to save it - even if he had to use "the bird Internet") was Liz Lemon's breakdown speech (post her walk with Aaron Sorkin) about the end of creative writing and writers... "I have no other skills!" (Do I need to even ask you to extrapolate that one?)

Want a good cry?

You can watch the entire episode at

Alina Adams has written for television, and published a dozen novels. She has no other skills.

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