Friday, August 27, 2010



After Leah's announcement that Kevin thinks Blake and Frank's break-up is all Mindy's fault, Mindy tried to pump Blake's mother, Holly, for details about the split.

Holly wasn't in a very forthcoming mood, only offering that "Men don't appreciate coming in second. Even to the dead."

Mindy guessed that Frank wasn't comfortable with Blake's continuing feelings for Ross... and compared Blake's situation to Holly, Ed... and Roger.

Holly snapped, "Just because you ruined your chances with Rick 20 years ago due to being obsessed with Roger, doesn't mean every woman feels the same way."

She stormed off. But didn't deny Mindy's accusation.

When Rick came home from work unexpectedly, Mindy thought he was furious about her getting between Holly and Ed, but Rick had bad news to deliver. Gregory, Hudson's biological father, was dead, and Allie, Hudson's biological mother, in jail for it.

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