Monday, August 09, 2010


“Alright,” Felicia changed tactics. “Then let’s try this on for size: Where was Lorna’s loyalty the last couple of years, when both Jenna and I could feel her pulling away from us, and no matter what we did or how we tried, Lorna just kept putting up wall after wall after wall; until we had absolutely no idea what was going on or what either of us might have done to trigger it.”

“The last couple of years?” Lucas managed to choke out guiltily, nurturing a very strong suspicion of what exactly it was that had triggered Lorna’s seemingly unmotivated withdrawal from her mother and sister.

“It was ridiculous, Luke. You weren’t here, you didn’t have to try and make heads or tails of it. Overnight, it was as if she’d become a different person, one who had no use for either Jenna or I. We both knew how touchy she could be, but, for the life of us, neither could figure out what we’d done to deserve this cold shoulder of hers. We called, we e-mailed, we texted. I even went to Chicago to speak to her face-to-face one time. Lorna acted like this was some huge intrusion into her privacy, she couldn’t get me out of her apartment fast enough.”

“We don’t know what might have been going on in her life at the time,” Lucas began.

“But, that’s just it! Why didn’t we know? Why couldn’t we know?”

“Because you can’t force any kind of relationship, Fanny, much less a mother/daughter one. The fact is, we both have to accept that neither of us will ever be able to have the kind of connection with Lorna we might have had if we’d raised her from the beginning. That kind of closeness won’t just happen.”

“It did with Jenna,” Felicia said quietly. “Jenna was nearly an adult when we met her; she wasn’t all that much younger than Lorna. And she even had a mother already; Lorna lost her adoptive parents when she was a child. But Jenna and I, we were close. Right from the beginning. We didn’t have to work on our relationship, it was simply there.”


Alice hits Spencer with the last truth he expected, Jamie makes an uncomfortable sacrifice for Kirkland, Allie and Gregory ponder what happens next, while Cass and Frankie disagree on legal - and emotional - strategy.

Plus, classic clips of Spencer admitting his failures to Ryan, and Lorna at Lucas' deathbed!

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