Friday, August 20, 2010



Mindy decided not to tell Rick what Shayne and Marina had confided in her about Reva, Josh, Marah, and a kidnapped by Edmund Colin. (Especially when Reva sent Mindy a text message warning her to butt out.)

She distracted him by admitting that she's worried about Hudson. What if their baby inherited the same genetic condition currently killing his biological father, Gregory?

Rick offered that there was a test Hudson could take to see if he carried the same genetic markers. But, it was painful, carried risks of its own and ultimately would only tell them if he might get sick, not whether or not he would for sure. Did Mindy really want to spend their son's childhood in a state of anxiety? Mindy wasn't sure.

Meanwhile, the beginning of the school year meant that Leah would finally be starting the gifted program Rick had been pushing for months - alongside Kevin Marler. The idea of her stepdaughter dating Roger's grandson did not fill Mindy with glee.

Rick, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled to hear that Leah's school was cutting back on their advanced classes to make room for a special needs program that Meg Reade would be attending. Rick swore that he wouldn't have his daughter's education short-changed just because the school wanted to bring in more money.

Seeing that he was getting upset, Mindy changed the subject by asking Leah how Blake and Frank were.

"Oh, yeah. They broke up. Kevin says it's all your fault."

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