Thursday, August 26, 2010


Rachel asked her son, "Do you understand now that I would have done anything, dropped anything, sacrificed anything to help you? That's one of the benefits of being a parent."

"Which one?" Jamie clarified. "The ulcers, the sleep deprivation, or that crushing sense of failure chomping at your heels, ready to strike at any moment?"

"The feeling of having helped your child. The knowledge that, once in a while, you've actually gotten the chance to do what you were put on Earth to do. And that you didn't mess it up... too badly."

"Well, the jury is still out on me and Steven in that regard." He sank down on the couch, burying his face in his hands. "Kevin says this could be really bad, Mom."

"We'll find out soon enough, and then we'll deal with whatever comes. If you and Amanda don't object, I'd like to come to court tomorrow morning, see if I can be of any help at all."

"Think you could pin Chase Hamilton down while Amanda and I herd the kids off in our getaway car?"

"You know I could," Rachel said. And she wasn't kidding.

"Actually, Mom," Jamie ventured, bringing up the subject on his own for the first time since Rachel had learned the truth. "You did help me. All those years ago. You just didn't realize it..."


Gregory's death knocks Donna off-course - and gives Marley an idea about Grant's future, Lori Ann celebrates her first birthday surrounded by family... and prison bars, Kevin proves the bearer of bad news, and Alice offers Spencer part of an answer.

Plus classic clips of Grant reaching out to toddler Steven, and Jenna making plans for a life without Dean.

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