Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Marley, what a delightful surprise running into you again so soon," Carl purred upon spying her waiting patiently in the foyer.

"I came to pick up Kirkland," she explained. "He's going to spend a couple of days with Grant while Jamie and Lorna get settled at their new place."

"I see. And will you be in residence, as well, my dear?"

"If you're asking whether Grant and I are living together, no, we're not. I have the girls to think about."

"Quite right, quite right. I'm sure you'll forgive me if I remain a bit anxious at the idea of our Kirkland squirreled away within Grant's domicile, unsupervised, for days on end."

"Our Kirkland," Marley double-checked, amused and intrigued. "Since when are you so interested in Kirkland?"

"From the beginning," Carl insisted. "You know how fond Ryan was of the lad. He couldn't have loved him more if Kirkland were Ryan's own child."

"Kirkland's a lucky boy. A lot of people love him. Including his biological father."

"The ultimate upshot of which remains yet to be seen now, doesn't it?"


Marley questions Carl's intentions and accuses Donna of putting them all in danger, Lorna tells Jamie about Frankie's threat, driving Jamie to confront his cousin, and Allie sticks by Gregory while absolving her friends of responsibility.

Also, a classic Vicky/Marley clip and Grant laments that he wishes he could find a woman... just like Vicky.

Plus, a new fun, feature: It's a Linda Dano (Felicia) multimedia festival!

There's Linda Dano in the movies! (With Slim Pickens!)

There's Linda Dano in a classic 1980s mini-series! (With Jaclyn Smith!)

There's Linda Dano with the guys from CHIPS!

There's Linda Dano reading the audio-book version of Judith Krantz's potboiler! (The Russian royalty theme sounds a lot like something Felicia Gallant might have written.)

There's even the very Felicia in Another World Today appropriate title:

And you can do it all while sitting on Linda Dano furniture!

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