Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Lorna has this talent for making you do stuff you had no intention of doing," Matt raged. "And then telling you it was all your idea. And you believe her! So you go do it some more!"

Rachel attempted to mollify, "You were still a boy when you and Lorna were together. Jamie is a grown man - "

"Who hadn't dated in how long before she came around? Face it, Mom, Jamie was the definition of easy pickings. And it wouldn't be his first time, would it? My big brother is hardly the world's best judge of character when it comes to knowing he's being played. And another thing: When Lorna convinced me to sink my entire trust fund into D&M,you pitched a fit. The two of us couldn't have a single conversation that didn't end up a fight about Lorna. And now, Jamie's just dropped how much on a house for her? Not to mention, who do you think will end up footing all those legal bills for Lori Ann's custody? And I haven't heard a peep out of you. Don't you care that Lorna's going to grind him down, use him up, then dump him when she's through?"

"Like Donna did to you?" Rachel proposed gently, her comment causing Matt to freeze mid-tirade, his face flushing an even deeper crimson.

"Who's talking about Donna? I was talking about - "

"I know you care about your brother, Matt. But this level of anger... it can't all be for him. It can't even all be for Lorna. I think those particular wounds were scabbed over a long time ago. On the other hand, Donna... Oh, sweetheart, I know how much you loved her. But, you have to face reality: Donna has some severe demons to wrestle with. And most of them - no, I daresay, all of them - were in place long before she met you. Long before you were even born. You can't hope to fix a person that damaged."

"Really?" he challenged. "What about Carl? Isn't that exactly what you claim you did with him? Fixed him up so he could stand straight and fly right, same way Mac did with you? That's all I wanted. I wanted to help Donna be a better person. I thought you, of all people, would understand."


John makes a decision about Gregory's friends, Grant and Marley get more than they bargained for, Carl takes a strategical hint from Elizabeth, and Amanda receives a double-shock.

Plus, a classic clip of Spencer offering parenting advice to Grant (it explains a heck of a lot) and your chance to vote on which AWT couple you'd like to see more of!

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