Monday, August 23, 2010


"You know," Carl mused. "There used to be a time when you actually liked me, Marley. I daresay, you even looked upon me as a quasi-father figure."

"I was six, Carl. You were married to my glamorous, beautiful, presumed big sister, and the man I'd been told was my father had no interest in me whatsoever. Of course, I liked you. Oh, and I didn't yet know about your penchant for killing and torturing people. I'm sorry, your former penchant for killing and torturing people."

"Your mother did the same thing to you that she did to Jenna, have you stopped to think about that? With poor Victoria, she could at least claim genuine lack of knowledge. That daughter was, in fact, spirited away from her. But she rejected you in precisely the same manner. Worse even. Jenna, she placed in a loving home; my understanding is that Gloria Norris adored the child. You, in spite of all she'd suffered at his hands, Donna nonetheless abandoned to Reginald's mercy."

"She had no choice," Marley insisted. "He locked her up when she was pregnant. He horsewhipped my father and ran him out of town. He was a monster."

"A presumed dead monster. I did the math, Marley. You were only a few years old when Reginald absconded to Paraguay with the amnesiac Mary McKinnon. What precisely was it that prevented Donna from claiming you as her child then? Goodness, you probably would have barely noticed the change, you were still so young."

Marley stared at him blankly, silently, furiously; loathe to admit that the possibility had never crossed her mind. She'd always accepted Donna's version of events about her origins hook, line and sinker. She hadn't thought to question any part of it.


John and Sharlene finally reclaim their son, Grant's offer is greeted with sarcasm, Donna makes an unexpected move, Spencer catches Alice off-guard, Amanda, Jamie and Kevin attempt to help their children, while Allie, Steven, Sarah, Jen and GQ are faced with a real-life Prisoner's Dilemma.

Plus a classic clip of Donna attempting to explain her past to Marley, and John facing life without Sharlene.

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