Friday, August 06, 2010



Concerned because Marah hadn't shown up to work in days and Reva and Josh weren't answering their cell phones, Mindy tried to pump Jonathan for details about his missing family.

In typical Jonathan fashion, she only got grunts and threats in returns. (Mindy took a moment off from her sleuthing to ponder what Lizzie ever saw in the guy, and to determine that Bill was far superior to Jonathan in every way.)

When Mindy confided in Rick, "The less Jonathan said, the more I knew he was hiding something," Rick wondered, "So, if he'd told you everything, would you believe he hadn't told you anything?"

Mindy responded by informing Rick that he wasn't nearly as funny as he thought he was.

Next, she went to see Shayne and Marina, figuring that, between being both family and a cop, they had to be able to help.

But, soon, it became obvious that the pair already knew what was going on. Shayne swore Mindy to secrecy and explained, "We'll tell you. But only because we don't want you to keep digging. We don't want anymore people put in danger."

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