Thursday, August 05, 2010


Felicia hesitated; growing so serious that Lucas felt his supportive smile dying as if blown away by a particularly harsh wind.

"What is it?" he asked softly, no longer merely dreading the answer, but genuinely afraid to hear it.

"I — Every time she gets like this, I can't — I can't help thinking that Lorna, she wouldn't be like this if I had gotten the chance to raise her."

"But that's perfectly natural," Lucas exhaled in relief, having prepared for something much, much worse. "Of course you feel like that. And it's most likely true, too. She would be a different person if we'd gotten to raise her ourselves."

"No. You don't understand. That's not all of it. Sometimes, I look at Lorna, and I think — I can't stop myself from thinking — I think: My daughter wouldn't be like this. This can't possibly be my daughter." Felicia looked at Lucas, standing there silent. She challenged, "Aren't you going to tell me that's perfectly natural, too?"


Grant turns to Marley and Spencer for support and gets more than he bargained for from both, Frankie's attempt to reason with Lorna goes shockingly awry, Alice makes a connection that encourages her push her luck, Kevin attempts to put Lila's mind at ease, and Matt lashes out at anyone handy.

Plus a classic clip: Felicia introduces Bay City to her long-lost daughter!

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