Friday, March 26, 2010



Beth confessed to Mindy the real reason she was so terrified of giving up everything to live the struggling life with a newly re-focused Phillip. Mindy promised to think about what Beth had said and see if she could come up with any advice.

Later, Mindy went to see Bill, Lizzie and the girls to check up on how things were going. She found the younger Lewises having a Princess picnic, during which the adults were required to do everything the head princess, Sarah, commanded. Mindy thought the little girl was adorable, though a bit too reminiscent of her Grandma Reva for comfort.

Mindy and Bill talked about her latest parentage bombshell, but both agreed that they were still siblings, no matter what.

Rick called to tell Mindy that Allie Fowler, the birth mother from Bay City, had asked to meet the entire Bauer/Lewis family. Rick suggested a small barbecue to introduce Allie and Gregory just to their immediate relations, but Mindy had something grander in mind. (To find out why Allie really wants to meet the Bauers - and which one Bauer in particular - go to:

Mindy mused, "So. How does one go about impressing a knocked-up college girl and her boyfriend who never says a word, just watches everything like a hawk? Allie, at least, wears her heart on her sleeve, so I feel I can get some read on what she's thinking, even when it isn't necessarily good. Gregory, though...yowza, I think the kid used to be a sphinx in another life. I feel like he's judging us too, but I never know the verdict. Wonder who the baby will take after? An emotional, impulsive, hot-headed, big-hearted Lewis-Bauer will fit right in. But taciturn? Calm? Observant? QUIET? What do you do with a kid like that? Oh, listen to me. The baby isn't even born yet and the papers certainly not signed. But in my head, he's already ours. Hudson Lewis Bauer. This isn't good. Even Kevin Fowler said we shouldn't get so attached until... until."

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