Monday, March 01, 2010


Frankie confessed, "When we agreed to adopt Lori Ann, even when I was holding her in my arms and bringing her into the house to be my daughter, there was a part of me — a small part, to be sure, but it was there, and I don't have to deny it anymore — that really wondered if I'd be able to feel the same way about Lori Ann as I do about Charlie."

Cass propped himself up against the headboard, looking Frankie in the eye. "You never said a word..."

"I know. I felt guilty every time Felicia cooed over what a wonderful mother I was being because, honestly, I felt like I was just going through the motions. I felt like an imposter, like I was acting out the part of the perfect, selfless, devoted adoptive parent, instead of actually being one. It took a long time, Cass. But all these weeks we've spent together, I finally feel like Lori Ann's true mother. She's burrowed just as deeply in my heart as Charlie is. I was so happy when it finally happened. So happy and so relieved and so grateful to Mother Nature for crafting us human beings to be capable of such deep, bonding love. I couldn't give Lori Ann up now. Not for anything."

* * *

A decision in Kirkland's custody hearing prompts unexpected responses from Marley, Jamie and Grant, and a dilemma for Lila; Matt offers Donna a warning, and a little "Light" shines in Bay City as Allie and Gregory meet prospective adoptive parents Rick and Mindy Bauer.

Plus a classic Felicia and Lorna clip from 1992 (in it, Lorna denies Felicia's list of how alike they are by insisting, "I've never worn a hat in my life." Really? Not even growing up? In the winter? In the Midwest? Lorna's grandmother is currently airing in the AW episodes on She strikes me as a sensible woman who'd make her granddaughter wear a hat when it was cold out.)

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