Monday, March 22, 2010


"Good grief, Jamie," Matt sighed dramatically as he dropped to a place on the living room couch next to his brother. "I realize that between Amanda having an unwed, pregnant daughter, and my drama with Donna, we've kind of been attention hogs, but getting arrested for murder was a little with the overkill, don't you think?"

"Seriously," Amanda huffed in agreement, plopping down to sit on Jamie's other side. "You had your moment with Grant coming back from the dead and the whole custody thing. You couldn't handle being out of the spotlight for a few more months?"

"I just feel bad for Mom," Jamie laughed lightly, playing along. "Three adult kids and no real winner among them. Hopefully, she'll have better luck with Cory and Elizabeth."

Matt snorted. "Considering who their father is..."

"Matt," Amanda warned. "We've been over this. No picking on kids. When they're eighteen, they're fair game."

"Like they care. Cory and Elizabeth can dish out and take it fine. Besides, I'm just saying what everybody's thinking."

"Which is what?" Rachel spoke from the doorway, where she had been enjoying the sight of her three oldest children commiserating together. "Please, Matthew, enlighten me on what everyone is thinking."

* * *

Marley spirals off in a surprising direction, GQ takes the stand and shares some realities about growing up Black in America, Alice schools Steven, Grant makes Kirkland a promise he has no intention of keeping, Matt goes behind Donna's back, and Jamie faces several options - unfortunately none of them are particularly good.

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