Friday, March 12, 2010



Kevin Fowler, the lawyer handling Rick and Mindy's adoption (for more on that, go to: and called to say that his private detective had tracked down a woman, Rose Greenman, that he thinks might have been Mindy's biological mother.

Kevin e-mailed Mindy a photo from Rose's student ID circa 1969, and when she showed the photo to Billy, he confirmed that it was, in fact, the woman he knew as Sue Eugene - Mindy's mother.

When Mindy mentioned Rose's name to Rick, he responded that his grandmother had once been friends with a Rose Greenman. (For more on Rose click here and here.)

That Rose was now dead, but Rick and Mindy were able to track down her stepson, Ronnie. He admitted that he did have a daughter named Rose Greenman, and that she had been a student at SF State in 1969.

Rick squeezed Mindy's hand as he asked Ronnie Greenman. "Did Rose have a daughter? Born around 1965? Maybe named... Mindy?"

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