Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Keep your voice down," Frankie attempted to hush an irate Jamie. "Lori Ann's asleep."

"Cecile's vial," Jamie lowered the pitch of his voice, but not the intensity, hissing, "The one she gave me, and I gave to you. Where is it?"

Frankie's eyes darted to Cass. "I don't... why?"

She could hear Jamie mentally counting to three before answering, resisting a very obvious urge to yell. This, Frankie couldn't help musing, this is the man believed capable of murder. A man who, with his entire life on the line, still takes care not to wake a sleeping baby. This is your cold-blooded killer.

"That vial, or rather the drug that was in it, is what killed Cecile."

Frankie's vision swam in and out of focus as her lungs shriveled. "No... No, I... Cecile was strangled. That's what they said. They said she was strangled."

"They were wrong. She actually died from an allergic reaction to the same drug she'd once used on you. The strangulation scenario was a deliberate misdirect, set up to frame Donna."

Frankie looked from Cass, who nodded briefly in confirmation, to Jamie, the implication of what he'd just said finally hitting her, the reason for why he was here, pacing her house, looking at Frankie like that....

"Where is the vial?" Jamie over-articulated each word, his patience near an end.

"Frankie doesn't have it. And neither do I," Cass answered. "And while I appreciate the strain you're under, Jamie, you do not come into my home and talk to my wife like that."

"So, the vial just walked off my desk and over to Donna's?" Jamie ignored Cass' warning to badger Frankie. "Is that what I'm supposed to believe?"

* * *

Jamie's friends and family each process his arrest - and the reason for Cecile's blackmail, Sarah momentarily warms towards Allie, and Donna makes a demand of Matt.

Plus, an exclusive Where Are They Now interview with Les Brandt (Rafael).

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