Monday, March 15, 2010


"Listen up, you son of a bitch," Lucas hissed at Carl over the phone, sitting outside in the car to make sure that Felicia couldn't overhear. "Stay away from my wife, stay away from our granddaughter, or, so help me, I'll — "

"What?" Carl wondered, deeply amused at how this would all play out. "Or you will inflict what upon me, precisely?"

"You know what."

"Is that a fact? My good man, truly I wouldn't if I were you. You stand to lose a great deal more than I should the details of our arrangement come out."

"You think Rachel would ever forgive you?"

"Sooner than the state of Illinois would forgive you," Carl predicted.

* * *

Grant tries out his rusty apology skills, GQ hires a lawyer to go after Allie, and Marley ponders the consequences of her actions as Jamie's plans for the future come into conflict with Toni's interest in his past.

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