Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sleep when the baby sleeps.

It's what the parenting books told Frankie. It's what other moms told Frankie. It's what Cass told Frankie.

What no one told her was how precisely you were supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, if every time you closed your eyes your mind instantly overflowed with visions of medicinal vials turning up where they weren't supposed to, cousins who would probably never forgive you now... and a dead woman standing in the nursery, holding your infant with one arm, and that damn ever-present vial in the other.

"This is a dream," Frankie told herself firmly.

"Of course it's a dream," Cecile's familiar, scornful, condescending voice reverberated through Frankie like a wave of nausea. "For a woman who claims intimate connection with the universe, you've proven disproportionately dim at picking up clues it's practically punching you in the face with."

* * *

Rachel and Carl share a disturbing chat with their children, Allie reels from GQ's words, Kirkland gets a little help from his friends, Kevin learns a secret about Gregory, and Grant scores a massive victory without realizing it - which could seal Jamie's fate forever.

Plus classic Frankie Goes to Heaven and Vicky/Grant clips!

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