Friday, March 19, 2010



Mindy spoke to a man who she thought might be her biological grandfather, but the best he would do was promise to pass on her information to his daughter. If she wanted to get in touch with Mindy, she would.

Rick suggested that Mindy get her mind off her own confused parentage by focusing on the baby they were planning to adopt. (For more on that situation - and the potential legal complications - go to: and:

But Mindy was too afraid to get her hopes up, knowing that the adoption might still not go through. Instead, she decided to check in with Beth, to see how things were going with Phillip.

Beth explained that Phillip had left the mansion. He'd decided that he no longer wanted to just write checks, he wanted to do hand's on things to change people's lives for the better. He'd gone back to school to become a teacher. He was determined to get by just on his salary. He was living in a tiny apartment... and he wanted Beth and Peyton to move in with him.

Beth knew she was being shallow and selfish and petty. She loves Phillip, she always has. But she doesn't want to live like that. Not again.

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and so on twitter, you said that beth told you the real reason and now you get it.....WHAT IS THE REAL REASON?????? Please don't leave story lines dangling unless there's another link to that storyline somewhere else....and then SHARE!!!!!