Thursday, March 04, 2010


"Jamie's having an affair with Lorna Devon," Grant informed Marley mere minutes after barging into her office at the art gallery. He did his best to sound concerned rather than triumphant. "It's been going on for months."

"Sure. And you were celibate all those years 'trapped' on your tropical island hideaway."

"Ask Lila. She's seen them together."

"Pushing your lackey as a credible witness regarding my husband's alleged affair? You really must be desperate."

"I saw them, too. At the gym earlier."

"Okay. I'll bite. What were Jamie and Lorna doing at the gym that could possibly constitute an affair? Keep in mind, sweating, grunting and wearing a minimum of clothing kind of comes with the territory."

* * *

Carl says the wrong thing to Felicia (and not just about her taste in hats), Lila offers Lorna a warning only to get one in return, Toni drops a choice opportunity in Grant's lap and Amanda wastes one with Kevin. Plus "Guiding Light" and "Texas" cameos!

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