Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sgt. Riley Morgan, as played by Tom Degnan, begins airing Wednesday, June 3, when he comes bearing devastating news about Adam Hughes Munson to Tom and Margo.

Because of Adam being raised for years as Tom's son despite his biological father being the late Hal Munson, Adam is connected to a plethora of characters on the canvas, including grandparents Bob and Lisa, great-grandma Nancy, half-siblings Casey Hughes and Parker Munson Snyder. (He is also Johnny's uncle through Jennifer, though, in that case, it was Jen who wasn't Hal's biological child.) His off-canvas siblings include Lien, Nikki, Will and Daniel.

The reprucussions from Adam's death are going to be devastating.

Only next week, only on As The World Turns.


nancyd said...

Thanks for the spoiler pics. These should be some powerful and emotional scenes and no doubt Ellen and Scott will knock it out of the park! However I don't believe the news about Adam for a second lol. I hope this gives Tom and Margo a real story!

You had said you'd be posting info on what the ATWT Emmy nominees submitted like you did for GL. Will we be getting that soon? I'm dying ot know what Maura submitted since there have been no interviews with her.

TomarCarjack said...

I'm hoping and praying that this gives us a "real" story for Tom & Margo. Certainly it's going to show the current audience how gifted Scott and Ellen are as actors. It's going to be sad, tough stuff I'm sure. I've already got the tissues ready!

As for believing Adam to really be dead... I think that's just another typical soap death where at some point down the road he'll show up when everyone least expects it - well, at least that's what I'm hoping for.

Thanks for the photo shots! Great to see Tom & Margo in some show publicity!

Rick said...

Those are Corporal's stripes, not Sergeant's.