Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This summer, look for Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) and Nancy St. Alban (Michelle) to return to Springfield.

Only on Guiding Light!


wheelswee said...

Can't wait to see Danny and Michelle and Jonathan back on GL this summer. I just wish CBS wouldn't have been canceled the show and I would have enjoyed these returns alot more. : (

christyahrends said...

Would they be coming back though if the show were sticking around? I think they probably just want to help the show go out with a bang.

elvara said...

Please don't let Jonathan's return be about reuniting his daughter with one of his wife's murderer. Lizzie doesn't deserve to have Sarah. But then again, knowing those writers, he'll probably be all happy about Lizzie's wedding and will have Sarah be a flower girl.

I wanted Tammy to come back...Alive!!

nell said...

Wow! Three characters I can't stand sucking up airtime! Wouldn't you just know it!

Chantal said...

Yay! If only they and GL were here to stay!
Love all these characters.