Thursday, May 21, 2009


While ATWT's James Stenbeck is best known for his frequent returns from the great beyond, actor Anthony Herrera has also wrestled with and beaten death on his own terms.

He speaks to Cathy Doheny at about his experiences battling mantle cell lymphoma, here.


schiffeg68 said...

He also has alot of interesting things going on at his website about all of this. Thanks for the link.

...and when is he returning to ATWT?

schiffeg68 said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Helps if I read the article first!!! James Stenbeck returns August 27th! EEEEEE

schiffeg68 said...

Upon further inspection, the linked article says that James Stenbeck is returning Aug 27th 2009, however they link to SOC's news, that he was returning on August 27th 2008?

Can you clarify if he is returning to the show?

supersage21 said...

You can watch Anthony Herrera on As The World Turns when his villainous character, James Stenbeck, returns to the show once again on August 27, 2009.

That is EXCELLENT! I love Anthony and James.

nancyd said...

I agree this is excellent news that both Anthony and James are returning! Love them both!

Now please let him have major story with Barbara this time!

caribbeancats said...

More James, we need more James!!!!